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'MEBLE WÓJCIK' is a brand deeply rooted in a 25-year tradition of striving to meet the expectations and demands of our Customers. Our largest group of consumers is made up of people, who expect furniture that provides comfort of work and study, and rest after work. Thanks to global distribution, furniture produced under the MEBLE WÓJCIK brand is pleasing to the eye and gives satisfaction to consumers virtually worldwide!
Achieving such a status of our products in the global market is due to the tremendous effort of all employees of MEBLE WÓJCIK manufacturers - Fabryka Mebli Stolpłyt and Wójcik Fabryka Mebli - and continuous investment in modern production facilities, which has reached an amount of over 35 million PLN in the last 3 years.
Both factories operate based on one of the most modern machinery stocks in the market. We have technologically-advanced machine tools from leading European manufacturers (HOMAG Group, SCM Group), which ensure high quality of machining while maintaining very high performance. From among these highly efficient machines and devices, the following deserve a mention: the three-head CNC ERGON (SCM) milling machines, very modern and automated lines for applying Robot Ibotic (Cefla) glue, and devices for sharpening diamond tools, which our machines are equipped with (Vollmer sharpening machines).
The high quality of our products is also ensured by the use of laminated board for furniture production. This board is characterised by increased resistance to all sorts of scratching and damage, moisture and high temperature. Thanks to this our furniture can serve our Customers for many years.


Today's cooperation with Customers is based on trust, which is founded on the high quality achieved thanks to the implementation and realisation of the whole quality policy system.
The goal of this system is:
- implementing innovative production techniques and technologies,
- using raw materials expected by the market, which are supplied by reputable suppliers,
- fast response to changing Customer needs,
- employing qualified and experienced personnel and continual improvement of their qualifications,
- ensuring product competitiveness by increasing production efficiency.


The above goals are realised by:
- continuous improvement of the organisation in the technical and organisational dimension,
- involvement of all accessible resources in quality-based activities,
- monitoring and meeting the Enterprise Customers' expectations and requirements,
- increasing employee awareness of the importance of quality and accountability of each person for the quality of the work they perform.


Both Fabryka Mebli Stolpłyt and Wójcik Fabryka Mebli have own management systems in place, which comply with the ISO 9001 system, designed in response to the requirements and demands of Customers. The innovation of such systems involves being subjected to periodic audits for compliance with Customer demands and improving areas not assessed at an exemplary level. The method for improvement is the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model, under which an independent assessment of the quality and capacity value and the impact of the capacity on the results being achieved in relationships with the internal and external environment, is carried out.
Each factory has identified and supervised processes, related to providing the Customer with the highest satisfaction from choosing our furniture. The most important and key areas are:
1) management and improvement of the management system - directions are marked out for realising the quality policy by building a strategy and strategic instruments, ensuring the achievement of long-term goals,
2) processes related to the Customers - here we ensure constant monitoring of Customer demands, and production materials, which are the best in the market in their class, and we also develop our products by modification and new designs,
3) planning and realisation of production is based on constant contact with customers, so as to ensure a timely, uninterrupted delivery,
4) production processes are supervised so as to demonstrate the highest quality of product at every stage of machining,
5) we conduct efficiency assessment and introduce improvement measures to areas where the results could take us further from our goal - Customer satisfaction,
6) efficient infrastructure is, on the other hand, a process providing certainty that machines and tools are 100% operational and available 24 hours a day.


Another challenge that our factories step up to is meeting requirements in the area of our production's environmental safety, by monitoring chemical emissions - REACH. As one of the first furniture manufacturers in Poland, we have implemented and introduced supervision of the circulation of the components of our products. Our warranty has been enriched by a declaration of selling furniture free of chemical substances that may adversely affect end users.


The development of processes is a fixed activity, which we have undertaken in response to Customer expectations, where all employees are required to:
- consolidate Customer satisfaction,
- improve the quality of products,
- improve technology and optimise processes,
- improve their own competencies,
- increase productivity,
- comply with mandatory requirements.


We are confident that through such sustained efforts we will be able to maintain a strong competitive position in both international markets and the Polish market.