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Frequently asked questions

9. Can I purchase furniture online?

The Meble Wójcik brand does not have an online store and does not provide electronic sales of their products. However, there is an option of choosing products from the range and calculating prices - by using the price calculator. To purchase the selected products, please visit a furniture showroom of our partners that stocks furniture of the Meble Wójcik brand.

10. Do the Meble Wójcik brand have its own showrooms?

No. All sales are conducted in reputable showrooms, with which Meble Wójcik cooperates.

11. Are the prices shown on the website of the Meble Wójcik brand the same as the prices in the showrooms in Poland?

The prices on the website of the Meble Wójcik brand are recommended retail prices. Nevertheless, each showroom is able to set its own retail prices at which they sell products of the Meble Wójcik brand, so we suggest you check the prices in the showroom you wish to visit.

12. Do I receive warranty for furniture purchased in showrooms? If so, how long is the warranty?

In accordance with the law, furniture of the Meble Wójcik brand is covered by a 2-year warranty.

13. Where can I find usage and maintenance instructions for furniture of the Meble Wójcik brand?

Each unit comes with assembly instructions. The last page of these instructions specifies usage and maintenance instructions. We strongly recommend you to follow these instructions in order to best protect the furniture and to be able to use it for a longer time.

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