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Profiles of people

  • Teresa and Andrzej

    Teresa and Andrzej decided to move house. For their new place they chose the Messina collection.
    they have chosen collections: Messina
  • Kasia and Piotr

    Kasia and Piotr together with their two children are a cheerful family who has recently welcomed a new member – little Staś.
    they have chosen collections: Amazon, Summer
  • Ania

    Ania works a lot. She needs harmonious space in order to relieve stress after her entire day.
    she chose collections: Madras
  • Julka and Adaś

    Julka is five years old and loves pink as every girl at her age, but her brother Adaś doesn’t. So how will they share a bedroom?
    they have chosen collections: Amazon
  • Agata and Darek

    Agata and Darek love modern design. That’s why they chose the Linate collection for their apartment.
    they have chosen collections: Linate
  • Kasia and Błażej

    Kasia and Błażej love night life. For their studio they decided to choose the Shetland collection.
    they have chosen collections: Shetland
  • Michael

    Michael loves books and stories about Indians and cowboys. His parents chose the Angel collection for his room and allowed him to add some gadgets.
    selected collections: Angel
  • Natalia and Marcin

    Natalia and Marcin are a couple who loves travelling. For their apartment they chose the Lyon collection in light shade.
    they have chosen collections: Lyon jasny